Brickstone Townhomes Home / Brickstone Townhomes

$ 950,000

4484-4492 Redman Avenue, Omaha, NE 68104 

  • BUYER Private Local Developer
  • SIZE 37 Townhome Units
  • PROPERTY TYPE Multifamily
  • YEAR BUILT 1963 & 1966


  • Rougher part of town
  • Quietly shopped off market
  • Poor recent financial performance of the asset


  • Closed quickly with no issues
  • Sold for top dollar
  • Very smooth transaction


  • 36 Days Contract to close date
  • Exceeded the pricing expectations of the seller
  • Buyer and Seller are both happy with the transaction


Scott was hired by the owner of the Brickstone Townhomes, a 37-unit property located in North Omaha. The property backed up to Sorenson Parkway, and was built in two phases in 1963 and 1966. The ownership gave Scott permission to quietly shop the property to the appropriate buyers for this market. The market for deals in this size and neighborhood demographic is small due to the intensity needed to manage and inefficiency of only 37 units. There are only a handful of qualified ownership groups that can handle a property like this, Scott was able to connect with them and secure two top quality buyers both at the same top of market price. We awarded the property to the owner that had more experience in the neighborhood and was willing to close quickly (36 days contract to close). The buyers plan to refresh the property and add some amenities for the residents.